America’s Great Outdoors Report Released today by Ken Salazar

Today Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar released a report about the 50-State America’s Great Outdoors Project describing more than 100 of the proposed projects designed to promote conservation and outdoor recreation.

A Map of the proposed improvements in the Western States

A quote from this announcement shares…“We have listened to the American people and their elected representatives about the most important things we can do to conserve our land and water and reconnect people, especially young people, to the outdoors,” Salazar said. “These projects represent what states believe are among the best investments in the nation to support a healthy, active population, conserve wildlife and working lands, and create travel, tourism and outdoor-recreation jobs across the nation.”

The report says that these areas were decided on through “extensive listening sessions” with “private landowners, local- and tribal-elected officials, community organizations and outdoor-recreation and conservation groups”

And then Salazar noted: “The America’s Great Outdoors Initiative turns the conventional wisdom about the federal government’s role in conservation on its head. Rather than dictate policies or conservation strategies from Washington, it supports grassroots, locally driven initiatives.”

View the map here and you can read the entire announcement here as well as download a pdf and slideshow of the proposed projects.

What do you think of these proposed projects?

The Spirit of the Buffalo Calf in Yellowstone

Buffalo Calf in Snow at Yellowstone by Yathin Flickr

For me there are a few things that makes the West come alive from books that I have read and movies that I have seen and the Buffalo is such a symbol of the West. This amazing photo was brought to my attention by the blog Wyofile and it was taken by Yathin on Flickr. If you get the chance take a look at the other photos taken in Yellowstone like this Big Horn Sheep.

Big Horn Sheep at Yellowstone - by Yathin on Flickr

Yathin thanks for sharing these beautiful photos that bring these amazing animals to life. I especially liked the wolf and otter photos too. But this shot of the Buffalo calf above is really special. It gives me visions of a life not so long ago on the Western Plains.

National Forest Service Fall Colors Hotline and Website

2011 Fall Colors from Southern Colorado

The National Forest Service has created a new website and hotline to help you find the best places to see Fall Colors. While in most places this year the fall colors are all but gone you can certainly mark this for next fall.

National Forest Service Fall Colors Website

National Forest Service Fall Colors Hotline


For the Hotline press these numbers to select the states that you are interested in.

#1 for Montana, North Dakota and N. Idaho
#2 for Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and E. Wyoming
#3 for Arizona and New Mexico
#4 for W. Wyoming, S. Idaho, Nevada, Utah, small portions of eastern California
#5 for California
#6 for Washington State and Oregon
#7 for Alaska
#8 for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia
#9 for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine

Fall Colors Webcam

There is also a Fall Colors Webcam page at:

I don’t what you think but I for one am excited to see that the National Forest Service is making this effort to provide these wonderful online services. You will also find links for videos, things for kids to do, links for finding National Forests and other resources.

So if you are looking for something to do in the “Land Out West” you might want to start right here at the National Forest Service Website.


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